Joann would have fought for her life the person that did this would have had marks on them from a fight! On December 12, 1994, Joann answered a phone call from a woman shed never met, Patricia Rorrer, her husbands onetime girlfriend. You ought to acquaint yourself thoroughly with the case and not allow yourself to get any further elevated on your high horse. Patricia made daily phone calls every day but made no calls at all the day before, of and after Joannes murder as she was traveling and knew her phone could track her location. Highly charged case. !) and detractors (This is another bs attempt to free a psycho). I wonder, did they ever perform a DNA test on the baby, to verify paternity? I THINK THEY SHOULD REOPEN THIS CASE AND LOOK AT THE HUSBAND JUST SAYING BUT IN MY HEART AND MIND FROM READING ALL THE NOTES AND STUFF PATRICA IS NOT GUILTY AND THEY NEED TO SET HER FREE. You, however seem to have no problem with these hurtful and damaging comments aimed at Rorrer. Your position Ive read a lot, Im right; you disagree with me, Ill say youre a moron. She just stayed in touch with everybody, Kathy Barber said in her interview on NBCs Murder in Lehigh Valley: Keith Morrison Reports in 2017. no blood, no finger-prints and no soil evidence it was as if the car had been wiped clean stated the attending investigating police officer!That itself has to be considered highly suspicious and cast doubt on the hair evidence which WAS found. The fact that there was a broken fingernail with skin attached to it found on her clothingand wasnt Patricias. Animals would have for sure. Have you read the book? Did they ever determine cause of death in the baby? But Patricia had moved from Pennsylvania years ago, and she'd started her own family in North Carolina. They would have no reason to protect Andrew and lie on her. After reading this forum and hearing the details of this case, Iowa sure seems a lot fairer in my eyes. Since then our team has proven that Patricia is innocent. Go watch the Reasonable Doubt episode from last night Patricia did it. On Alexs diaper bag, police found strands of the same type of hair from the car. They really need to set her free and open the case and look at the husband. Im trying to understand exactly your reasoning asking me staying away from this site because of my insulting remarks! And while youre on that list, you can be happy in the knowledge youre not in rarefied company. Are you even aware theres a strong suspicion that evidence of the hair, which was DNA matched to her, was tampered with? Another inaccuracy in this is, they state the jury took SIX HOURS to return a verdict, when in fact it took less than TWO HOURS. Presumably if they thought the evidence was against the states case, thats how theyd present as theres no obvious reason for them to be biased one way or the other. She was born on Jan. 24, 1964, in eastern Pennsylvania and moved back and forth between there and Davidson County, North Carolina. That documentary points out that, despite the bodies of the two victims supposedly being exposed for several months, their condition remained relatively undisturbed by weather or animal activity. The case rocked Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley and resulted in. On Instagram, I found a post for a two-part Win at All Costs podcast featuring journalism professor Bill Mousheys interviews with Patricia Rorrer from prison in December 2019. I would suggest you take the time to read the book or, at least watch the documentaries which STICK TO THE FACTS, and then comment. Not sure why anyone is defending her. Today, Patricia Lynne Rorrer resides in State Correctional Institute at Muncy, a medium and maximum security facility that has the highest rate of cancer of all prisons in Pennsylvania, according to a story from I mean the husband did do some shady things maybe he was involved? Look into it. Please read her story. Police theorize she owned the gun, but its neither here nor there whether she used a particular gun to kill and would make sense (to a wise perp) that the gun couldnt be linked to her by past activity. And yikes, he discovered someone had cut one of the houses phone lines and pried the hinge on the basement door. I have not SEEN this report that says no root found is there a picture of it online somewhere? They retested hair from the car in 2008 with updated new technology. Lets stop pretending we can definitively prove this woman murdered this woman and her child. The Innocence Project has declined to take her case. The witness, Traupman, who on several occasions attempted to have his evidence recorded was severely manhandled out of the police station and so badly beaten, he had to be hospitalised. I have worked for Interpol for years as a gun analyst, usually women who commit such crimes against their exes wife or mistress, lover etc are pushed from behind by a man and promises and lies. 2. Nobody said bodies were intact. You know the answer to that, the same as I do, which is. As for an epilogue on ex-flame Andrew Katrinak, he has moved to Colorado and kept a low profile since the trial ended. BROADCASTING SPECULATIVE SCENES, SUCH AS MENTIONED ABOVE, CAN LEAVE A VERY INDELIBLE MEMORY ON THOSE WHO ARE HAPPY TO REMAIN GULLIBLE. If I see anything that offers a differing opinion or is inaccurate, I think its entirely fair I should say my piece. Justice is about uncovering the truth. Keep her murdering ass locked up!!! Have you watched any of the documentaries Ive mentioned? The state made a case fueled by circumstantial evidence and public outrage over the deaths of a modern-day madonna and child. True, Andrew would have no way to acquire and plant Patricias blond hair there because it wasnt that color when she knew him. Police slowly built a case against Patricia. So whats your point (other than many people are stupid and you arent)? Still, no good leads materialized. They broke up in 1993. There are those on this very site who express their disappointment she was not executed. Catherine Im in complete agreement with you! They tested the hair last night on Reasonable Doubt using updated technology it is definitely Patricias. Rorrer is as guilty as OJ Simpson. Im inclined to think both Rorrer and Routier are guilty. Pat is locked in a cage because shes an animal. But defense lawyer Robert Pfeiffer said that plenty of evidence supported Patricias innocence. No way for 4 months, that deceased baby would still be resting across the mothers chest. Just saying. WoW! His defenders claimed that the confession was coerced, the video was grainy/unclear or doctored and the witness was confused and/or unreliable. Some two years into the investigation of Rorrer, a court order was obtained to remove hair specimens from her. which makes a complete nonsense of their gun theory. They were there in the winter months in which the bodies would have been frozen most of the time. Ten months after Joann died he murdered another woman (who looks just like her) and her baby, as well. Just one example. Watch Wrong Man season 2, and then come back and make comment. Or did they? Charles Robert, the 3-month-old son she had with Gary Gabard, died of sudden infant death syndrome; Patricia found him blue in his crib. Trash-talking ex. The fact that her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. He was happy. There is pendency of DNA investigation for Routier. Also why if beaten with a gun or with whatever, why was there no blood on the clothing? If you look at the crime scene picture, only parts of the mother seem preserved. And James Pfeiffer and Jim Burke have remained on her side. As for the idiots who didnt think Ms. Rorrer guilty of anything more sordid than having zero taste, the simple fact(s) are that: 1) what they claim about such testing (as was done to the hair) wasexcuse me, IS wrong both due to the follow-up AFTER the mDNA test results were made only proved more concretely that Ms. Rorrer WAS the person the hair came from, 2) the inanity about thinking Andy had something to do with it (the simple fact that ALL investigations START by checking the closest, most immediate relative, i.e, a spouse), was after his being thoroughly vouched, to NOT be in ANY way involved, 3) since this case, forensic science has only improved by huge leaps, and that no one including the courts or the Innocence Project will get involved should make it VERY clear, this case is CLOSED. More than 20 years after her conviction, Patricia Rorrer still has advocates working to exonerate her. Patricias defenders also say Andrew Katrinak staged the scene at his house by prying the door and cutting the phone line. Theyre just not willing to investigate/research as to the truth. Did you personally attend the trial? Her mother was married to my uncle. . If I knew I was going to get caught, I never would have brought you into this world, the arresting officers testified they heard her say to Nicole. DNA also doesnt lie. Ms. In TV clips, Andrew didnt come off as anguished. She likely SUFFOCATED him to get revenge on the babys father who was planning on leaving her. Rorrers filed multiple appeals over issues you raise, the latest recently and rejected. A person tried in a court of law and then found guilty is not the be-all and end-all to the case. I most definitely will not personally afford Patricia a platform, Michael said in an email to She had her chance to answer my questions and tell her story in court over 20 years ago. Book her. There is so much in your comment with which I can take issue, but Ill try to keep to the salient points. State: Oklahoma. Jealousy was the motive. I would very much be interested in any comment you can offer in response to my input here. And she would just call out of the blue., According to the Free Patricia Rorrer page on Facebook:I called him to let him know that I was going to the USA finals for a horse show. Do you realize that Patricia was only found and arrested more than six months after the murder? you dont want to fall off and hurt your oversized ego. It was winter which are cold in PA and would slow down decomposition and minimize insect activity although you are correct about the rodentswhy were there none? I would have liked better her being put to death! I think shes guilty for sure. They were people that knew her, not Andrew. Nailed? The Free Patricia Rorrer page responds to comments from supporters (How is this even possible that this woman is still in jail?!? The fact that there is LITERALLY NO EVIDENCE that Patricia was actually obsessed with Andy; they spoke as friends maybe twice a year. However, while sticking solely to the Rorrer case, the issue of the husbands alibi is very much open to doubt if one takes into consideration what the documentary, STARZ-The Wrong Man (in two parts) has revealed. Shes attracted the help of writer Tammy Mal (full name Tammy Malinowski OReilly), author of Convenient Suspect, a book about the case. She wanted all men to give her attention but she couldnt have everyones attention, especially ANDREWS!!! I thought the justice system in my state and the people were narrow-minded and corrupt. She seemed like quite an unlikely suspect - at least at first. Weak wages. Andy passed not one but two polygraph tests and had a solid alibi. If Patricia had injuries it wouldve only been to her hands and she wasnt questioned right away which is also the reason she took Joanne elsewhere to kill her so her body wouldnt be found for a while and she would have time to return home. What has that to do with the point youre trying to make? Conflicting versions. What the prosecution failed to disclose to Rorrers defence team was that the cops, in their zeal to prove their gun theory, visited several addresses of which Rorrer was resident, dug up the gardens in which she was known to do target practice recovered several shell casings and bullets (more than 70), had them ballistically tested, but NOT ONE was found to be a match to the bullet recovered from the victim. The investigation is a bit out of place, but the DNA test can be altered only if its made just from a pen, because otherwise it is not possible, only if they said they did it and didnt actually do it, which would be quite difficult because it would mean complicity between many persons. Tragedy also touched Patricias life. I was able to email with Patricia via the PrisonConnect platform around Christmastime. After an hour Id call anyone whod listen to me including police! Dont know from where youve got your information about this case my guess is youve been watching a lot of those documentaries which revel in showing the case in a disgracefully biased manner. She hasnt, she didnt get a hard enough sentence. Further, an early FBI report said the hairs found in the car had no roots which contain the DNA suggesting an evidence switcheroo. It seems so, according to you. Keep up your delusions. There is a term in law called balance of probabilities, which basically means that guilt is assigned when there is a preponderance of evidence that would lead a rational person to conclude that the person did it. and there are probably many people who still think he is innocent too. They moved into her house in Salisbury County, staying together for about two years. Rorrer has appealed her conviction several times and her supporters believe additional DNA. She never had anyone testify against her but an ex-boyfriend! Well, at least you managed some sense there when you say that, especially when you take into account the amount of evidence and witnesses which were withheld from the Defence and what appears to be a clear case of evidence-tampering. Claps! Clifford: I cant offer anything remotely novel or incisive. It wasnt aimed at any one video producer. Finally, another irony you fail to appreciate: you claim theres money to be made from the commercials added into their show. Detective Barry Grube found it odd that Andrew fixed the severed phone line before police examined it in essence tampering with evidence. I live in Pennsylvania, not far from where this happened. All my comments have been vetted and approved by this sites organisers so how do you see yourself as the judge of whats acceptable or not? Charged with two counts of capital murder and two counts of kidnapping, Patricia Rorrer was quickly tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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