Roodeplaat Tourism

Rich in fish, birds and wildlife and is well-known as a destination for bird watching, game viewing, picnic sports, and a range of water sports including fresh water angling, canoeing and boating.

Located about 22km north-east of (Tshwane) Pretoria, the Roodeplaat Dam was originally called the ‘Pienaars Rivier Dam’ when it was constructed in 1956 to supply the surrounding land owners with water. There are camping sites close to the water which are perfect for fishing. 

This Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve consists of two sections with one on the western and northern side of Roodeplaat Dam open to a number of leisure activities such as fishing and canoeing. 

The eastern and southern sides of the dam is rich with fish, birds and wildlife.  It is well-known as a destination for birding, game viewing and picnicking. Over 170 species of birds have been recorded in the Roodeplaat Nature Reserve, including the African Darter, White-breasted Cormorants, Reed Cormorant and a diversity of ducks.

Surrounding venues are popular for weddings, conferences and functions. 

The Roodeplaat Nature Reserve to the south of the dam also supports a modest selcetion of wildlife including giraffe, kudu and impala. Outdoor activities such as boating, cycling, hiking, picnics, paintball, golf playing and team building activities etc. are popular on the shores of the dam and at other venues in the vicinity. Weddings, conferences and functions are topping the list of activities and accommodation venues.

The Roodeplaat Dam has excellent facilities for water-sports and September 2023 will see the hosting of the World Rowing Masters Regatta, with thousands of very competitive singles, doubles and fours from around the world, with over 6000 very competitive rowers and skullers battling their best for a place on the podium.

The event has attracted a lot of attention to the dam and highlighted the importance of keeping it free from water hyacinth as well as all kinds of pollution including plastic and other waste which are very harmful to birds and fishes. 

The Roodeplaat Dam is also very popular with fishermen, with barbel, carp, bream and tilapia all being amongst the species which may land up on the end of your line.

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