In this analysis, I will not be going in depth on any of the individual cases, since that is covered quite well by many different videos on this subject that you can find on YouTube, including many hours of interviews with David Paulides on various paranormal podcasts. If I sum it all up: This about covers what I would like to say about this subject at this moment in time. Theres bound to be some sort of infrastructure for this, especially since it is a global phenomenon and since having the staff of the establishment where you want to disappear someone on your side or having infiltrated the school which your potential targets attend would make everything much easier. Missing 411- David Paulides Presents Cases from Minnesota (Stateley), Yosemite and Alaska (Perkowski) Canam Missing Project. When a Smith family runs into a Smith family, its probably no big deal. Missing 411 - YouTube Given that this is perhaps the most consistent profile point, it could be a key one, but there are some nuanced considerations that should be made. Im not a physicist, chemist, or an engineer, so I cant begin to speculate about any special properties of water or granite, though electrical ones certainly dont seem to be off the table. If youre convinced that it cant be any of the exotic explanations, then what is any possible explanation? Somebody called the profiling that Daves doing cherry-picking, and Dave said that yeah, thats exactly what hes doing. Like the Missing 411 cases. Watch on. They even mentioned a hunter explaining that some hunters follow bad weather intentionally to catch more prey. should be considered irrelevant in the absence of additional inexplicable positive evidence. Missing 411 cases are a colloquial classification that documents missing person cases that fit a number of criteria: The disappearance occurred in a national park, rural area, or large reserve of public land. Anything that makes you more visible from a longer distance by default makes you an easier target for any kind of predator, animal, human, or otherwise. A) the terrain is incredibly difficult to search 100% due to rocks, deadfall etc. In the documentary Missing 411 The Hunted, about Hunters who vanish he mentions how the FBI may show up to document the cases but as they don't investigate missing persons cases they are doing something in which they won't reveal. The forests that are not protected have much less regulated traffic, much lower biodiversity, are much more likely to be randomly cut down or otherwise messed with, and likely lack continuity to ancient times. Open for submissions from anyone with something to say about where were headed or the nature of time or history. Assuming that Bigfoot doesnt exist, this is still a completely reasonable activity. An Investigation of the Missing411 Conspiracy - Skeptical Inquirer Dogs arent machines, which inevitably means they must have some sort of rate of error, some better and worse days, while scent can be affected by environmental conditions. [1] [2] Early life and career If you could use portals to get in and out of them, that would help a lot, but all the technology you need is a camouflaged door. Missing 411: The Hunted Review, A Twist No One Saw Coming Well, apart from the stories of people who got lost suddenly in familiar territory, but only temporarily and with full memory of the event, which means that they didnt qualify as Missing 411 cases. Watch Missing 411 here free: on the books series written by David Paulides Missing 411 chronicles the unsolved yet eerily s. If you have any theories or suggestions yourselves, Im all ears. Like, you just wont believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly unlikely it is, but thats all that is unlikely, not impossible. Missing 411 is a series of books and films, which document cases of people who have gone missing in national parks and elsewhere, and assert that these cases are unusual and mysterious, contrary to data analysis which suggests that they are not actually statistically mysterious or even unexpected. All 185 cases fit a narrowly defined profile that was refined after researching thousands of missing person reports; these cases are the most difficult, defy common sense, challenge conventional wisdom and remain . What I would say does seem obviously wrong are for example the cases of water-related disappearances and deaths in urban areas, where the young white male students figure in almost all of them. It would be an annoyingly good crime, however, as it is very difficult to prove such crime for the above-mentioned reasons. Its quite possible that the population of people who visit national parks differs significantly from the whole population of the given states or countries under normal circumstances. The other type of accounts shared by children indicates the existence of facilities. Not wholly impossible, but an extreme leap nonetheless. When I say strange, what I mean is that, for starters, all of the usual suspects have been ruled out, like animal predation, human crime, voluntary disappearance, drowning, etc. However, if you are running some sort of medical experiment, the three most logical things to do are to get a DNA sample (ideally reproductive cells), to perform a neurological exam, and to get a stool sample, which includes the gut bacteria. It would make much more sense for this tech to be involved in the urban cases. Which sometimes happens in the Missing 411 cases, without any good reason. Missing 411: The Hunted (2019) - IMDb This is why one should look into the work of people like Steph Young or various other paranormal investigators. Though there are Missing 411 cases where that didnt help, like when a person was seen chasing a dog into the forest, which only helps explain how people can get lost more often while walking a dog. Some of the cases that meet the profile criteria do hint at abduction by neither an animal, nor a human, but others do not. Thats how learning works. Given that brain damage is almost never involved even in the cases where the Missing 411 subjects were found dead, theres no good explanation for high incidence of amnesia. The Very Strange disappearance of Tom Messick whilst hunting near Brant Profile points that make people more likely to go missing or to not be found in general (bad weather, dogs and trackers failing to track, etc.) All of the profile points should be quantified and the exact numbers published in tables, ideally in comparison with relevant control samples. This means that nothing should be taken at face value and that it may be necessary to keep our cards close to the chest not advertising our best leads or next moves, while trying to set up traps for the adversary. This would require for the dumping of the body to be virtually instantaneous (think teleportation), perfect optical stealth, Men in Black-like memory or perception control, etc. Yosemite happens to have the highest total of Missing 411 cases of any National Park. On the cases I investigated some teams were 15-20 people strong with only one trained team leader. 189 ratings20 reviews. This is also one of the profile points that may simply cause people not to be found, at all or in time to save the person, reversing the causality. Like his idea of a probability-based engine many macroscopic physical laws are only aggregates of chaotic movements and interactions going on at the subatomic level. For the profile point, it means that more weight should be given to cases where the disappearance after separation was abrupt, but also that the feeling unwell or the wildly running into a forest-type separations should be looked at separately. With all that said, it would be interesting to take all of the people with the German origin within the Missing 411 sample and check whether their ancestors come from all over Germany, or if they all come from a specific region or regions inside of Germany (or Austria or Switzerland). I certainly intend to investigate this phenomenon further, as well as a range of other things that I may write about in the future. Without that, we simply dont know if any of it is significant. It only has to be cross-checked carefully with cases where paradoxical undressing could have realistically taken place. Paulides has written a series of books under the title, "Missing 411." the books detail hundreds of these cases and locations. Taken all together, as I will try to explain shortly, no single normal or paranormal hypothesis explains all of the cases, meaning that either multiple are at play, or a one so crazy that no one, including Dave, has even been able to conceive of it yet. Thats roughly a bit odd to the fourth power. There should be different amounts of people walking through the forests at different times of day, possibly doing different things in the forest at different times of day. Interestingly, and horrifyingly, the screams and howls recorded in the case of Henry McCabe, who was found dead without any apparent cause, do resemble the noises made by people who are tazed. As for the specific weird scenarios that were reported, assuming the reports were accurate, they seem to be consistent with there being an organized perpetrator. The whole idea of the movie The Prestige about rival illusionists is that the most impossible magic trick is teleportation. The only way how to prove that a synchronicity (coincidence that is manipulative) is taking place, as far as I can tell, is to guess at the logic behind it and then try to predict not necessarily what specific coincidence will happen, but at least the incidence aspect that it will happen, or the time or rate at which coincidences will be happening in relation to a particular person or phenomenon. And dont even get me started on synchronicity and how you absolutely would want to use systemic coincidences in order to manage a simulated (or similarly controlled) world. Which are great, so please, Dave, do more of that. This dense forest is where three Roman Legions were massacred by Germanic tribes in 9 A.D. The question is not so much whether someone can have or be using such technology, since the recent sonic attacks at U.S. embassies across the world prove that the capability exists. The most common type of account from children is that of being taken or kept safe by some type of animal or animal-like men. If its correct, I bet that benevolent gods would use coincidence to aid us and trickster gods to amuse themselves. If anyone whos unable to travel many miles is found many miles away, especially if it is in a very short amount of time, its extremely suspicious. scientists or drones, in order to hide from humanity, youd need a place where you can hide. With all the insults out of the way, lets look at the profile points. This leaves a sudden medical emergency, or an animal or human attack, that either quickly render you unconscious, or force you to be quiet. Whats weird is that this is not happening in all of the parks equally, suggesting that a thorough comparison should be made. Coincidence is how gods can circumvent rules. Former . This implies that the way in which these people disappear involves their rapid incapacitation, or at least severe confusion. In contrast, as Dave points out, to types of people who should be much more likely to drown in cities, like the homeless, but who arent involved in a single unexplained case. Remember, Occams razor does not exclude something I dont understand happened. I await suggestions. That would be bad enough if done systematically by some sort of human agency, but the inside-out clothing indicates that it really might not involve humans, or at least not exactly us, modern-day humans (insert your favorite sci-fi modifier here). Maybe its not used on or as effective for children, either because it would certainly kill them, or because their brains arent fully developed yet. It also makes sense that in such a scenario, the dog should be more able to find a way back eventually, as opposed to its owner. Missing 411: The Hunters The Missing 411 series initially began as an exploration of strange disappearances in America's national parks. Not surprisingly at all, these types of things are reported by alien abductees. The latter type of accounts, mainly collected by folklorists in connection to fairy lore, is consistent with natural spacetime distortions, but it can also be indicative of a special kind of traps being laid in the forest. For starters, in all of the cases where dogs couldnt pick up the scent and then the search was unsuccessful, the direction of causality could be that dogs not finding the scent should decrease the chance to find the missing person. These could have involved a more invasive examination or procedure focused on the brain, and while they fortunately seem rare, especially to the extreme of cow mutilations, there are such cases. Conversely, a person out to dispose of a corpse in water clearly would take that care. If the point was that you need to work with or study specific genetic markers, given that Germans are, ironically, one of the least genetically pure groups in the world. I know I said I wont to go into detail on individual cases, but it would be difficult to comment on the coincidences that Paulides points out without pointing them out. For that reason, what you need to focus on are any exceptional, unique, or odd attributes that ideally didnt have to show up at all, or that would make someone a logical target for a predator, even if you dont fully understand what that predator is getting out of it. This is why it seems very suspicious to me that in Missing 411 cases, the majority of people who are found alive have amnesia and only a minority reports something strange happening. And yes, I also rewatched Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency, obviously. I will discuss this in more detail when I get to related profile points like the role of bad weather. While phenomena of this type are not strictly speaking ruled out by theoretical physicists, they would at the very least expect them to be substantially more rare, if they were to occur strictly naturally. Thats definitely the weirdest scenario. This means that this profile point is only interesting in combination with other data points that involve positive evidence.

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